Meet the Practitioners

Melissa Gouffray, Master Reiki Practitioner

melissa gouffray

Melissa, a certified Reiki Master, has been studying and sharing the healing energy of Reiki since 2001. Reiki is a gentle, healing energy or "chi" that flows through the hands of the practitioner to the recipient. A Reiki practitioner channels the energy through the laying of the hands to harmonize and balance the human energy field. The flow of chi clears energy blockages and creates harmony and balance on the emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

Melissa uses Reiki in her personal life and has served as a voluntary practitioner at Virginia Hospital Center's Reiki Program since its inception in 2001. In her free time she plays violin, sails and enjoys quality time with her family here in Del Ray.

At the Healing Tree, Melissa practices:

  • Reiki