About The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree, located in the heart of Del Ray, was established in 2002 by Maryellen Thorp, LMT. Maryellen had been Practicing Therapeutic Massage and Functional Training in the Old Town area when she moved to Del Ray. After exploring the neighborhood she decided that Del Ray was where she wanted to open a private practice that not only offered massage, but various types of different healing modalities. The Healing Tree began with one treatment room and two practitioners offering Massage and Acupuncture. We now have nine practitioners who offer therapeutic massage, chiropractic and acupuncture – as Del Ray grew so did we!

The Healing Tree is a name that we are often asked about. For its founder it represents all aspects of the human experience with the roots symbolizing the foundation of the individual, the trunk the physical form, the branches being the stages and stresses of life and the leaves representing the healing process.

Our clients are seen by appointment seven days a week. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 703-706-9500, e-mail us at therapy@healingtr.com, or check out our online scheduler.

Our Policies

Appointment Information
We look forward to having you as a client. When you book your appointment, that time will be set aside especially for you. We ask that you kindly give at least 24 hours notice for massage and chiropractic appointments and 48 hours for acupuncture appointments by calling our office at 703-706-9500 if you are unable to keep your appointment time. That allows us to have adequate time to rebook our therapists.

Waiting Room
We offer a waiting room for you to relax before and or after your appointment time. This is encouraged as it gives you time to transition. Please feel free to arrive early if you would like. This can help ease the stress associated with travel time and traffic in our area.

Cell Phones
We ask that you use discretion in the use of your cell phone.

Make an Appointment

Call us directly at 703-706-9500 or schedule an appointment online.

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“…besides hypothyroidism, I suffered from Crohn’s disease, GERD and menopausal symptoms related to a hysterectomy…I was referred to Dr. Cindy, she took me and my problems under her wing and has guided me in a short period of time towards much better health. Today I am symptom free…without drugs masking the problems. I have more energy than I’ve had for years. I’ve lost 13 pounds and counting!”

– Kathie, age 43

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